Area Mission

Mission, Values & Objectives


Student Access and Educational Equity, created in 2013, developed an area mission that embodies the work of all units within advising, tutoring, and undergraduate research opportunities to improve student persistence and graduation from high school to college, and beyond.


  • Access - We believe that all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status should have access to quality and affordable higher education.
  • Student Centered - Students are the first priority of SAEE in the decision making process, planning, and implementation of services.
  • Partnership - We seek to form partnerships within the division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA), larger university and local communities to provide student resources.
  • Inclusivity - We promote a diverse campus community that welcomes and connects students, faculty and staff.
  • Progressive Thinking - SAEE is committed to implementing best practices for students and professionals through ongoing research, development, training and the use of technology.