Letter from the Assistant Vice Chancellor

Student Access and Educational Equity (SAEE) is an educational pipeline utilizing a series of integrated approaches to improve student persistence, promote graduation from high school, college, and beyond for first generation and low income students. These approaches include: advising, tutoring, mentoring, programming, supplemental courses, and undergraduate research opportunities. SAEE enhances the academic experience of student scholars by providing necessary preparatory skills for students’ future career success as well as post-graduate educational achievement.

Through partnerships on the Rutgers campus and surrounding communities, SAEE will continue to foster an environment that builds upon our existing resources grounded in academic excellence. SAEE serves as an effective model in higher education to create inclusive communities which guarantee access, opportunity and diversity. Through these communities, the SAEE team will work to enhance the abilities of our students to achieve their educational and professional goals.

Our team is committed to supporting the value of educational attainment by ensuring our units not only meet the needs of students throughout their undergraduate experience and to prepare them with life skills to succeed once they graduate. Equally important, a holistic approach to learning and development is applied to our student advising, initiatives and programs. 

Please drop by one of our many SAEE units to visit a member of our staff. We also encourage you to attend a program or student  event. Our success is only measured by our greatest asset, which are the achievements and successes of our students through their higher education experiences.  



James H. Whitney III, Ed.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor