Calendar of Events

SSS Spring 2014 Open House

Writing College Papers

First Year Town Hall Meeting

RU Researching

Winter Advising Session

Back on Track Mini Series: Time Management

STEM Internship Mini-Series: How to build a STEM Resume

Back on Track Mini Series: Balancing Academic Goals and Overlapping Priorities

Upward Bound Program Recruitment & Admissions

Scholarship Walk & Youth Summit

Reading to Plainfield Youth

New Student Induction & Orientation

Spring Basics of Research Course

Access Week: Reading to Plainfield Youth

Graduate Student Panel

Aresty Research Symposium

Less Stress & More Success

Nutrition and Fitness as a College Student

Guest Lecture: Moving Beyond Access

Black and Women’s History Trivia

Chi Alpha Epsilon Induction

Upward Bound's Class of 2015 Senior Recognition Banquet

LSAMP Spring 2014 Welcome Event

Workshop: Yes You Can Have Your All!

GRE Prep for STEM Majors

The Basics of Loan Literature and Money Managment

Research Opportunities with Aresty

Money and School Loan Management

Graduate School Application Process Mini Series

Senior Recognition and Induction Ceremony

What's New This Spring?

McNair Faculty Mentor Breakfast Orientation

Living Off-Campus… R U About that Life?

Networking 101

Preparation for Midterms

Networking 101: On and Offline

Student Loans and Repayment

Graduate EOF Grant Application Online

SEBS EOF Welcome and Open House

Completing FAFSA

Student Loans and Repayment

Understanding Degree Navigator

Developing Your Personal Brand

McNair Senior Recognition Luncheon

Rutgers Upward Bound Summer Orientation

Tips for Writing Term Paper

Your 1st Year after College

How to Get Credit for an Internship

McNair Grad School Panel

Joint B.A. & Graduate Programs At RU

EOPSA Multicultural Show

Fundamentals of Investing

C.O.S.I.N.E. Elections

Elijah Promise Volunteer Opportunity

EOF Graduates Recognition Ceremony

Desserts is Stressed Spelled Backwards

Climbing the Ladder to Success: Tools for Surviving your Graduate Career and Beyond

"Adventures in Washington D.C."

Verizon Wireless Information Session & Technical Challenge

Unilever Information Session & Professional Development Workshop

SSS Focusgroup

Physics Final Exam Review

NJ Higher Education Senior Achievement

Solid GEMS Summer Program Orientation

EOF at Rutgers Day 2014

Loan Forgiveness Workshop

SEBS EOF Parent/Student Orientation

LSAMP Application Deadline – Fall 2014 Inductees

SAS EOF Senior Recognition Ceremony

Chi Alpha Epsilon Ceremony

NJ Statewide Career & Internship Fair

Annual Admissions Seminar for NJ Medical School

SAS EOF Summer Institute Orientation

SEBS START-UP Summer Institute

Decommissioning of Eden Email Services

McNair Summer Research Symposium

McNair Summer Research Institute

Summer Tutoring Infosessions

Deadlines –FAFSA Applications (2014-2015)

RUB Opening Day!

McNair Faculty Luncheon

Summer Welcome Day!!!

Rutgers Upward Bound Summer Institute

Academic Orientation

Summer Institute Career Conference

Academic Success Series: Plan Your Success

Academic Success Series: Study Smarter Not Harder

Academic Success Series: Focus Concentrate and Stay Motivated

Academic Success Series: Take Tests at Your Best

Transfer and Nontraditional EOF Orientation

Peer Mentee Applications are Now Available to Freshmen and First Year Transfers!

Resume CV Writing for Grad Students (offered by University Career Services)

Networking for Grad Students (offered by University Career Services)

SEBS EOF Transfer Student Welcome

SEBS EOF Upper Class Town Hall

Summer Tour For Incoming Freshmen

Yale SURF Presentation

So You Want to be a McNair Scholar?

Graduate School - Debt Management

Grad School Tour Fair

Transfer Student Information Session

Saddlers Woods Stewardship Day with SEBS EOF

How to STEM into the Corporate World

Men of Color Meet and Greet Reception

Women of Color Meet and Greet Reception

SAS EOF Enhancement Workshops

SAS EOF Fall 2014 Welcome from Director

Job Readiness at Rutgers and Beyond

The Basics of Money Management

Writing College Papers

What it Takes to Become a McNair Scholar

Financing Graduate School - It's Possible

7 Habits of Highly Effective Students

Nutrition and Fitness for College Students

The 4-1-1 on Student Loans

Financing Your Education at RU – Grants, Scholarships, and Loans

Social Media Branding

Course Selection for First Year Students

GS-LSAMP Annual Conference

Creating Confidence (Double Points!)

Networking and Marketing Yourself

Resume Critique & Interview Prep

Online Career Module Mandatory Meet & Greet

Create Your Vision Board

Information Session: Become a Summer 2015 Resident Mentor

First Year Excellence Seminar: Study Skills and Learning Conference

Information Session: Become a Summer 2015 Resident Mentor

Information Session: Become a Summer 2015 Resident Mentor

2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium

First Steps: Connections Beyond the Classroom

Fundamentals of Investing

Rutgers H.U.G.S. Diversity Program Showcase

Major and Minor Fair

Bridge of Transitions: Breaking Prisoner Recidivism

Big Chill 5k Personal Wellness Module

Smart Financial Decisions: Buying,Renting,Leasing

Precalc Final Exam Review

Calc Final Exam Review

Chemistry Final Exam Review

Physics Final Exam Review

SAS EOF and Black Mens Collective Present: An Open Forum on the State of Men of Color at Rutgers University

Men of Color Social Hour

2nd Annual RU Researching

Desserts is Stressed Spelled Backwards

Spring 2015 Open House

2015 Summer Chemistry Information Session

Academic Success Series - Read to Succeed

RESCHEDULED TO 3/12 - Academic Success Series - Take Tests at Your Best

C.O.S.I.N.E. Welcome Back

12th Annual Yale Bouchet Conference

C.O.S.I.N.E. E-Board Elecions

SEBS EOF Parent/Student Orientation

Cage Your Rage: Conflict Management & Resolution

Cover Letters, References, and Letters of Recommendation

Getting Ready for FAFSA

Upward Bound's Family Resource Conference

Bernard Fein Scholarship Walk

I am COLLEGEBOUND College Fair & Youth Summit

TRiO's Read To The Youth Literacy Campaign

McNair Annual Alumni Panel

McNair Senior Recognition Banquet

Think Like A Proton & Stay Positive: Study Skills for Chem

The Mysteries of Math: Study Skills for Math Based Courses

The Basics of Public Speaking

"RBS EOF Networking with Seniors"

FAFSA time with SAS EOF

Graduate EOF Reception

U.S. Department of Education Official visits Rutgers to celebrate 2nd Annual Access Week

Bio 116 Exam 1 Review Session

2015 Access Week: MORE IN FOUR

Financial Styles and Budgeting

Peer Mentor Info Session

Effective Goal Setting

Can You Hear Me Now? Preparing for Phone and Skype Interview

I'm Graduating , Now What?

Tips for Writing Term Papers

Managing Loans After Graduation: Rights and Responsibilities

Rutgers Dual Degree Programs in the Health Fields (DOUBLE POINTS)

Resiliency and Positivity

America Needs You Info Session

Graduate Primer Workshop

Relax, Release, and De-Stress

SAS Major and Minor Fair

Finding Your Balance in College

Preparing for Life after College

The Tallest Tree Performance

Unpacking Your Learning Style

Apply Now: Become a LSAMP Scholar

Interviewing Skills for Graduate Students

NJ Statewide Career & Internship Fair

A Day in the Life of Forensic Science

Upward Bound's New Student Induction & Orientation

Fundamentals of Investing

Diversity and Inclusion Career Conference (DOUBLE POINTS)

SEBS EOF Graduate & Outstanding Student Reception

Bio 116 Exam 2 Review Session

Enhancing Your Global Perspective

Desserts is Stressed Spelled Backwards

Latino Student Council: Meet Alumni and the Community

Celebrate the 2015 LSAMP Graduates

SSS Summer Tutoring Info Session

SSS Spring Focus Group

What To Bring, Summer 2015 Edition

Solid GEMS Summer Academic Programs

Global Health Research Symposium

Summer Welcome Event

Summer Institute 2015 Move-In

Summer Welcome Make-Up Session

August Summer Make-Up Welcome Session

LSAMP Welcome and New Student Induction

Graduate School Tour to Massachusetts

UB Scholar and Family Welcome Back Fall Session

Upward Bound Recruitment & Admissions

UB Saturday Tutoring

Job Readiness at Rutgers and Beyond

Mysteries of Math: Study Skills for Math Based Courses

Basics of Bio: Study Skills for Biology

UB College Visit to Long Island University & New Jersey Institute of Technology

Preparing for Life After College

To Eat or Not to Eat: Food Etiquette

Academic Success Series - Focus, Concentrate, and Stay Motivated

Academic Success Series - Have Less Stress and More Success

Academic Success Series - Take Tests at Your Best

9th Annual GS-LSAMP STEM Research Conference

Study Skills for Chemistry

3rd Annual RU Researching

Unpacking Your Learning Styles

Never Too Early to Work on Your Resume and Interview Skills

Cage Your Rage: Conflict Management and Resolution

Real Talk 2 Soph 4-More Year Experience

14th Annual Yale Bouchet Conference

SEBS EOF Summer Academic Programs

Graduate School Workshop

Writing College Papers

Community of Color Welcome Event

Diversity in Graduate School

Creating a Graduation Plan with Degree Navigator

HUGS Diversity Showcase

McNair Program Application Available for Cohort 2018! Apply Today!

November 14, 2015 Saturday Session

UB's College Tour to Temple University and Princeton University

UB's College Tour to Yale University & Drew University

UB's College Tour to Temple University & Princeton University

The Rutgers against Hunger Food Drive Competition!

The Basics of Writing a Cover Letter

Exercising Your Way Through College

Faculty Student Research Luncheon

Graduate School of Education Informational Workshop

Upward Bound Saturday Tutoring

I AM COLLEGEBOUND College Fair and Youth Summit

UB's Annual Bernard Fein Scholarship Walk

UB's Spring Family Resource Conference

Upward Bound Scholars head to Broadway!

Physical and Digital Branding

Financial Aid Workshop

SEBS EOF 2016 Summer Applications

Spring Welcome Back Event

Access Week: Keynote Address - Kathleen Cushman

What to Bring/What Not to Bring

Study Skills for Bio

Working with Different Colors: Group Development and Success

Enhance Your Global Perspective

Unpacking Your Learning Styles

The Rutgers Professional

Getting Ready for FAFSA

Mingle with EOF Seniors majoring in Business


SAS Major and Minor Fair

Important Facts for FAFSA

Important Facts for FAFSA

The Soph-4-More Experience Event

It's SEBS Scholarship Season!

The Struggle: Loan after graduation

5 Major Keys to get Through College

Getting Ready for FAFSA workshop

"I have a purpose" Vision Board Workshop

SAS EOF Senior Celebration: Decorate your Graduation Cap Workshop

R.U. up for the Challenge? #RUSSSscavangerhunt

Is this Interview Ready for Me?

Lose the Selfie for a Professional Head Shot!

Lose the Selfie for a Professional Head Shot!

60 seconds to Impress Me

Cover Letters & Resumes

60 seconds to Impress Me

James Dickson Carr Initiatives: Pedro Noguera, Ph.D.

Upward Bound's Class of 2016 Senior Recognition Banquet

Upward Bound's #SeniorDay Saturday Session

Upward Bound's Summer Institute 2016 Orientation

Upward Bound Summer Institute 2016

Communication Skills

Life After Graduation

Exploring Your Personal Strengths

Senior Recognition Ceremony: Scholar Information

SSS Grant Aid Competition Award

Summer 2016 Info Session

FAFSA 2017-2018

UB's Fall 2016 Scholar & Family Resource Conference

McNair Workshop: Financial Literacy (Current Scholars Only)

Welcome Back McNair Scholars Fall 2016!

Welcome Back McNair Scholars Spring 2017!

RU Researching

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - 9th Annual GS-LSAMP STEM Research Conference

Transforming Good Students into Great Learners


RU Interested in being mentored by one of our SSS Peer Mentors?

RLC Learning Assistant Program

Study Smarter, Not Harder (V.1)

Study Smarter, Not Harder (V.2)

FAFSA Completion Workshop

Enhance your Global Perspective

Exploring the World with SSS

SSS wants you to Vote!

Complete your FAFSA!

SEBS EOF Transfer Student Process

Mid-Semester Advising Check-In

Loan Forgiveness Webinar

SAS Major and Minor Fair

Working with Different Colors: Group Development and Success

Beauty and the Booty

Biology Study Skills

Research Paper Hacks

Creating Effective Study Hour Plans

Managing Deadlines & Breaking Time-Wasting Habits

You Got Words in my Math!

Become an R.A. -- Information Sessions

Fafsa Completion Workshop

Test Taking Strategies

Communication Skills

Test Taking Strategies

SSS on a Campus Near You!

Rutgers University Big Chill 5k run/walk

RU Researching Lab Experience

What's in Your Wallet?

UB's hosting Howard University HBCU Tour Informational Session!

UB/ AEEE TRIO Day Youth Summit!

SSS Spring 2017 Information Session

Financing Your Education

I’m Graduating, Now What?

Finding Balance in College (Part 1)

Finding Balance in College (Part 2)

FAFSA Completion Workshop

Create Your Purpose Vision Board

SSS Make-up Info Sessions

Access Week: Documented, The Film

Access Week: RU-1st Forum

EOF Statewide Student Day at the Capitol

Academic Success Series: Biology 115/116

Academic Success Series: Algebra 025/026

Academic Success Series: Calculus 1

Academic Success Series: General Chemistry 162

Academic Success Series: Pre-calculus

Creative Effective Study Hour Plans

From Paranoid to Purchases: Shop for a New Car

Prepping Your Academic Paper

SSS on a Campus Near You!

Working Your Way Through School

Access Week: Read to the Youth Literacy Campaign

EOF Transfer Chat and Chew Part 2

Managing Deadlines and Breaking Time-Wasting Habits

SSS on a Campus Near You!

SSS on a Campus Near You!

Community Connections: Fraternities & Sororities

From Reluctant to Refund: Do Your Taxes

Paint to Destress

Life After Rutgers: Financial Reality Fair

From Res Hall to Rental: Rent a Property

Yoga Destress

Spring 2017 SAS Major & Minor Fair

UB's Annual Bernard Fein Memorial Scholarship Walk

UB's Class of 2017 Senior Recognition Banquet

UB & UBMS Summer 2017 Summer Institute Orientation

UB & UBMS Summer Institute 2017

The Calm Before the Storm

Busting the Myths of Student Loan Forgiveness

Walk n' Talk with EOF

UB & UBMS Fall 2017 Scholar & Family Resource Conference

Finding your Niche and Getting Involved

Men's Chat and Kickback

First-Year Students' STEM Success

Buy One get One Free: Strategies for Funding Graduate School

Fall 2017 Information Sessions

SAEE Fall Welcome BBQ

'Let's Talk Credit" by Wells Fargo