Educational Partnership & Outreach Initiatives

SAEE Outreach Initiatives transform the student experience through partnerships with students, faculty and staff, using curricular and co-curricular educational initiatives:

Faculty Luncheons: Research Faculty and Senior Administrators are invited to give lectures or talks to groups of students to discuss their research, path to the doctorate, and career information for interested students during the year and summer institutes.

Women and Men Initiatives: Retention programming, events and mentoring programs targeted at underrepresented populations, at-risk students and those who want to enhance their connection to the Rutgers community.

Bridging the Gap: A weekend retreat with University faculty, staff and students starting with a faculty-led discussion to discuss issues of diversity, inclusion inequity, and skills necessary for college completion. Students will create bonds and peer relationship to assist them in their road to the degree.

Politics and Possibilities: Enhances the political awareness of students at Rutgers University in connection with the Rutgers of Federal Relations. Exposes students to a variety of political ideologies through a series of interactive faculty-led discussions, students develop their own perspectives about current political issues. Students will take a  trip to Washington D.C. to meet with Rutgers alumni who work in the highest levels of the Federal government as the culmination of their experience, and visit the Pentagon, Department of Justice, Congressional legislators, the White House, and a number of government agencies.

Cultural Trips and Initiatives: Small grants for faculty, administrative departments and student organizations available to promote student academic success through collaborative programming and initiatives. The intent of the grant is to increase cross-collaboration between academic departments, administrative units, and student organizations, towards the shared mission of student retention, educational access, and degree attainment. Faculty review proposals on a monthly basis. Grants are for special trips, programs, diversity initiatives, and conferences aimed at these objectives.

Byrne-EOF Seminars: Byrne Seminars are cross-collaborative, small, one-credit courses for EOF first-year EOF students. Seminars are taught by our world-renowned faculty, who come from departments and professional schools across the university. By taking a Byrne Seminar, students get to experience the excitement of original research as faculty members share their curiosity, their intellectual passion, and how they develop new ideas and fields of knowledge.