Letter From The Program Administration

Azizah HamiduddinWelcome to the EOF graduate program. My role as the director of the EOF Graduate Grant Program is to assist you in the EOF graduate grants process and to manage the Article III student aid grants.

The State of New Jersey provides the funding for the EOF graduate grants and I serve as the official liaison by ensuring that the EOF graduate awards are processed in accordance with State and Rutgers University policy and procedures.

We support your quest towards the attainment of your graduate or professional degree. Our EOF alumni who have earned their graduate or professional degree are doing amazing and exciting things in their careers. We look forward to your graduation and entering into your prospective careers and professions.

We are very pleased and proud of the growing numbers of EOF undergraduates enrolling in Rutgers graduate programs and professional schools at the masters and doctoral levels.  Their academic excellence and scholastic achievements have afforded them the opportunity to acquire specialized skills and to explore new intellectual horizons.        

Most significant is that these EOF alumni are pursuing advanced degrees in law, medicine, social work, education, human resources and arts & sciences.  With their advanced degree programs,  students are represented in the fields of government, health professions, business, science, teaching and social services and a variety of other professions.     

To our currently enrolled EOF graduate students, you are invited to keep us informed of your ongoing accomplishments and achievements within your academic discipline. Please let us know if you are conducting a special research project, writing a thesis/ published an article, involved in a unique or innovative practicum or laboratory experience.

We applaud your commitment in pursuing a Rutgers graduate or professional school program. This is certainly a significant and worthwhile investment that will enhance your career objective.    

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.  


Azizah Hamiduddin
Director Graduate EOF and University EOF Administrator


Wally Torian
Assistant Dean and Director

Outreach, Recruitment and Admissions