Funding Requests

Research experiences provide LSAMP scholars with opportunities to network and work with distinguished faculty and lead researches in their field of interest.  Research benefits participants in helping them gain a deeper understanding in science and engineering related fields. Scholars, who plan to attend conferences or participate in an unpaid internship, may be eligible for funding if they meet all compliance and funding requirements. Internships, conferences, and international travel experiences impact scholars’ aspirations tremendously. They can aid scholars in becoming more aware of STEM professions and offer possibilities to apply theoretical knowledge, explore career interests and test their skills in real world settings. It is important to be made aware funding is limited and may not cover the full amount requested. Scholars are always encouraged to seek outside sources to assist with needs prior to and in addition to applying for funding through LSAMP.

Note: Grants are limited andmay not cover the full amount requested

Funding Eligibility & Requirements


  • Active LSAMP Scholar
  • Must have a strong relevance to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Submit supporting documents  (i.e. confirmation from Faculty/Lead Researcher)


Participants who receive research approved grant funds must provide the following:

  • Confirmation from Faculty/Lead Researcher, if applicable
  • Provide reciepts and other pertinent documents for purchases
  • Provide a research abstract (at least within two weeks of approval), if applicable
  • Design a research poster and present research at the GS-LSAMP annual symposium
  • Submit a written reflection of experience (minimum 500 words)

*Requirements may be subjected to change, at any time. 

Items May Be Funded

  • Expendable supplies and services direcelty related to proposed research
  • Printed Materials (such as related research posters)
  • Transportation/Travel to: special collections, libraries, archives, research facilities, STEM related sites, and other special resources.
  • Conference: lodging, registration, and fees
  • Associated costs of iternational Research, experiential, and service learning (include travel and lodging)

Items May Not Be Funded

  • Meals
  • Tuition
  • Living Expenses (Rent, clothes, laundry, internet, utilities, etc.)
  • Per Diems

How to Apply

Applications are available only via Sakai to current scholars!