Rutgers Learning Center

Rutgers Learning Centers (RLC)

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) has joined efforts with the Rutgers Learning Centers (RLC) to provide services, such as tutoring, academic coaching, study groups, and GRE Prepartion for all active participants. The services offered are administered by current LSAMP participants, managed through the RLC. Scholars in need of academic assistance, whether requiring one-on-one or group seesions, may place request through the Rutgers Learning Centers  (based upon available space). 

Services Offered....

Tutoring - Available in core STEM courses on a walk-in basis in a group setting. Schedules are available on the Rutgers Learning Center website. Also, there are opportunities for employment as a tutor, focused on STEM discipline. For more information, students may visit                                              

Study Groups - Current scholars will have the opportunity to register early for study groups, prior to the regular open date.There will be approximately (8) courses offered each semester, instructed by a learning assistant.

Academic Coaching -  The Rutgers Learning Center assigns an Academic Coach specifically for LSAMP scholars. The coach has a STEM background and has received training in studying for STEM courses. Academic coaches can assist with anything from personalized academic plans, identify effective techniques or strategies to help overcome academic challenges, and more. Generally meeting are held one-on-one, either by appointment or during drop-in hours. 

*Current LSAMP Scholars interested in scheduling a session, may sign up for an appointment here

Graduate School Preparation Program - Students receive a 10 week GRE preparation series that includes, practice tests, individual feedback, and a series dedicated to preparing for graduate school. Students will meet once per week with some online content via Sakai. This offer is available to only current scholars.

Research Preparation Groups - This group is structured as a study group (specifically for LSAMP Scholars). The focus will be on developing research and information literacy skills. Within 8 weeks, students will have the opportunity to learn about library research skills, writing literature reviews, formation of research questions, and more.


*Current LSAMP Scholars interested in "Gradute School Preparation" or "Research Preparation Group" may refer to the Sakai for more details.