Mandatory Courses for McNair Scholars

PART I (Spring)
Basics of Research Course: 01:556:427 (1.5 credits)

Newly admitted students beginning the program in the Spring, prior to their first McNair Sumemr Institute, will have the opportunity to be introduced to many of the aspects critical to conducting research across the disciplines. This 1.5 credit course may include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • The Ethics of Research: Why Do We Research?
  • The Difference Between Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • McNair Cohort Retreat: The Bonds that Tie Us Together
  • Literature Review: Understanding a Literature Review
  • How to complete an Annotated Bibliography
  • Library Research: Sessions where you’ll meet library faculty, learn library tools & understand library research.
  • Mini Presentation on Findings: Your first opportunity to present!
  • Intro into How to Collect Data & Create a Research Proposal
  • Summer Preparation Activity: Closing activity to prepare for the Summer Institute


McNair Summer Research Institute: 01:566:491 (3 credits)

The McNair Summer Institute is the second part of a McNair Scholar’s experience. It is a residential, in-depth, intense and rigorous continuation to the courses and techniques taught during the Spring semester. The Summer Institute consists of the following:

  • Independent Research with a faculty mentor
  • Proposal Writing
  • Library Research Continued, including a formal Literature Review
  • Public Speaking & Poster Presentation sessions to improve and build confidence in presenting research
  • Various Workshops & Lectures by distinguished Rutgers Faculty

McNair Course: Graduate Education Preparation I (1.5 credits)

Juniors and Non-graduating senior students. The third part of the McNair Scholar experience is the course taken in the fall semester following the Summer Institute to apply what has been learned throughout the Spring and Summer. This course will work specifically on skills necessary to prepare for any graduate program. It includes the following:

  • Conferences – How to Prepare & Attend
  • Summer Research Opportunity Programs (SROPs) & Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Graduate Education Preparation: Personal Statement & Resume/CV Writing Workshop
  • Selecting Graduate Programs & Preparing to Apply
  • Graduate Record Exam Assistance

McNair Course: Graduate Education Preparation II (1.5 credits)

Graduating Seniors will be required to participate in Graduate Education Preparation II fall semester course focusing on the following:

  • Graduate School Preparation: Compeltion and Submission of Applications
  • Fellowships - Selection and Preparing Competitive Applications
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Updated CV, resume, Statement of Purpose for graduate school/fellowship applications
  • Research Design to Prepare for Admission to Doctoral Programs