Current Students Research Topics

2014 Cohort-Summer Research Topics

Nathali Arias, Addressing the Effects of Incarceration on Women with PTSD

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Teri Lassiter


Kristine Baffo, Home is Where the Hate is: Racial Residential Segregation

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lisa Miller


Marie Callahan, Transforming Service Learning Study Abroad: Bringing “Coexisting Global Citizen” Identity Down to Earth

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tom Rudel


Jessie Davis, How does parity in breastfeeding practices mitigate the prevalence of postpartum depression in low income African American women?

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Teresa Janevic


Gabriella Estevez, The Development of the Compassionate Voice: Writing & the Laws of Life

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maurice Elias


Ashley Garner, Paradox of Domestic Work: Abuse, Identity Negotiation, and Safety Strategies in the Lives of Caribbean and Latina Domestic Workers

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrea Hetling


Ismelka Gomez, Undocumented Women in the U.S.: A

Focus on Domestic Violence

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniel M. Goldstein


Anastasia Groce, Civic Engagement: The Role of Media in Urban Youth Empowerment Programs

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Todd Wolfson


Kamaria Guity, Sentencing of Minority Populations in New Jersey: From the Shore to the Slammer

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Patrick Carr


Maria Hernandez, Gender Ambiguity in the Categorization Ambiguity Model: How Does Visual Ambiguity in Gender Categories Influence Essentialist Beliefs?

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Diana Sanchez


Nicolas Holt, Marcel Broodthaers' Image: A Three Tiered Critique

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bernadette Gailliard


Mark Lockwood, Brother to Brother: The Politics of Black Masculinity

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carlos Decena


Keishla Rivera, Afro-Latinidad in Literature: Negotiating Race and Identity

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel

2013 Cohort - Summer Research Topics

Colin Annand 
"Analogy and Problem-Solving"

Shantae Bedassie
"Analyzing the Concept of Diversity within the Higher Education System"

Naima Chowdhury
"The Effects of Microcredit on Rural Bangladeshi Women: Domestic Violence to "Sixteen Decisions"

Sherif Ibrahim
"Inside the NYPD: Community Sentiments and the Proposal for an Inspector General"

Shifan Li
"Osteocalcin Alleviates Alcohol-Induced Inflammation in the Liver"

Ashley Mena
"How Do People Get Their Food?: Food Security in Wrigley Park"

Eden Mesfun
"The Inequalities Within Congo's Artisanal Mining Sector"

Amanda Rodriguez-Mammas
"If It Isn't Nuclear, It's Unclear"
Academic Year Research: "Transforming Voices: Aesthetics of Trans Women of Color"

Aya Sakar
"The Feminist Spring in India: Jyoti Singh, Rape and the Media"

Gurneet Sangha
"Applications of NFC and QR Tags in Rehabilitative Therapy"

Dennis Sholler
"Exploring Mediolateral Functional Dichotomy in the Olfactory Tubercle During Cocaine Self-Administration"

Solangel Troncoso
"From Sex to Gender: Scientific and Cultural Definition of Gender"


2012 Cohort -  Summer Research Topics

Kevin Dahaghi
"Immigration, Instability, and Crime: The moderating effects of immigration on crime""
Academic Year Research: "Segregation and Inequality in Non-Residential Movement Patterns" with Dr. Lauren J. Krivo

Esther David
"African American Youth on Psychotropic Medication" with Dr. Jeffrey Longhofer
Academic Year Research: "Parent Child Interactional Perceptions: Influence on Treatment Effectiveness"

Wendy Flores
"Analyze changes of behavior of migration birds at their nesting sites due to environmental changes"

Reginald Gaines

Kenya Graham
"How perceptions about gender shape healthcare policy"

Shanee Smith
"The domestic factors that influence attitudes of self-worth in women living in urban communities and also, the effects of self-worth on risky and self-injurious behaviors"
Academic Year Research: "The Long-Term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse on Sexual Well-Being and Social Functioning: A Cross-Cultural Study"

Minna Sabbahi
"International Nutrition, an analysis of dietary recommendations of NGO's"

Nadia Schuman
"Modeling Autism in animals to cultivate greater understanding of Autism in humans and the environmental neurotoxins"
Academic Year Research: "Animal model of transient intra-natal ischemia as an insult leading to autistic-like behavioral deficits and neurological impairments" with Dr. George Wagner

Vanessa Sirmans
"The Academic Achievement Gap: Learning Discrepancies among African American Youth in Urban Communities in Comparison to Their White Counterparts."