RU-1st Alliance

In November 2015, Rutgers–New Brunswick Richard L. Edwards, Chancellor Emeritus charged schools, academic departments and administrative units with developing initiatives that achieve the overall mission of providing a more inclusive and supportive community. Within this charge, he created the RU-1st Alliance to strengthen the support and access to information for students. The committee serves as the coordinating body under the direction of the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

The RU-1st Alliance meets regularly to provide a network of information and resources, discuss issues, best practices, develop high-impact experiences, and maintains a website full of resources for first-generation students. This coordinated effort aims to increase the visibility of resources and services available across our large campus, as well as provide a clearinghouse of best practices to be shared among schools, academic and co-curricular units. The Alliance makes recommendations to campus leaders as needs arise for the support of all first-generation students. This coordination and advisory role will follow the work of SAEE in partnering and advocating for resources that support first-generation students.