UBMS Scholars Busch Campus Excusions with Sheep Brain and Rutgers American Medical Association

UBMS Scholars Busch Campus Excusions with Sheep Brain and Rutgers American Medical Association

On Saturday November 14, 2015 Upward Bound Math-Science scholars participated in a series of STEM related activities. UBMS 11th grader scholars participated in a Neuroscience simulation at the Nelson Firestein Lab. The scholars studied neurons in the brain and their functions in human behaviors. The hand-on experience with brain dissection and examination brain neurons models with Graduate Student Kate O’Neil and the Nelson Firestein Lab. Other scholars learned blood pressure techniques and CPR with Rutgers American Medical Association volunteers. Below are scholars said about their experiences:

“Within the trip/experience of neuroscience, I learned about our brain. Specifically about what our brain consists of and what is the performance aspect, after that we dissected a sheep’s brain. But with this we compared and contrasted the two brains. The trip was an excellent experience” - Kamal Steele

“The lab that we participated in today was a fun one. First we made our own models of neurons. We made them using pipe cleaners and beads. Mines looked really crazy. Then we dissected a sheep’s brain, which are really small. We learned about the different parts of the brain and how it works. It was fun time and I’m thankful for the experience.” – Elijah Moore

“Today we dissected sheep brains with our instructors, Mrs. Kate and Ms. Anna. They begin with background information about the brain. We learned about different parts of the brain which were the forebrain, the main brain, and the hind brain. We were told about the cerebrum being the largest part of the brain. We also learned about the cerebellum, which is located in the hindbrain. Mrs. Anna and Ms. Kate also told us about neurons in our brains. They use chemical reactions throughout the body to communicate. To gain better knowledge of neurons we were allowed to make our own neurons using pipe cleaners and colorful beads. From this experience, I know more about neurons and I am enlightened about brains.” Jordan King

"Thank you so much for your support this past Saturday, the event was flawless! This weekend would really not have been possible without your help. The students loved it so much I had some students asking if they could stay later because they wanted to practice taking BP & reflexes longer. Both M1 volunteers and high schoolers loved every activity that was planned! Again, I wanted to reach out to extend my sincerest thanks for your support!”- Kwesi Dawson-Amoah AMA Volunteer