Program Services

The Rutgers Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math-Science (RUB/RUBMS) Program is currently in its 47th year of operation on the Rutgers University Piscataway campus. It is a unit under Undergraduate Academic Affairs in the Office of Student Access & Educational Equity. Rutgers Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math-Science (RUB/RUBMS) is a pre-college program designed to assist and motivate participants to successfully graduate from high school, prepare for college admission, and to successfully complete their baccalaureate degree. Upward Bound/UBMS is a year-round project that offers academic year workshops such as SAT & HSPA preparation, cultural activities, college tours, college planning as well as a host of other programs. Upward Bound/UBMS also offers a mandatory summer institute on campus to prepare participants for college life.

Academic, Career and Personal Counseling
Rutgers Upward Bound participants will be assigned an advisor that will assist participants in the following areas:












  • Academic Preparation
  • College Preparation
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Personal Counseling
  • Goal Setting and Future Planning

College Visits
Participants will be invited to various colleges/universities throughout the country. These visits are designed to help participants make an informed and affordable decision about their college choice.

Test Preparation
High School students are required to take a host of tests during their High School tenure. Upward Bound will attempt to prepare participants by providing supplemental instructions in the following areas such as the High School Proficiency Assessment and SAT Reasoning Test.

Community Workshops
Rutgers Upward Bound administration and staff will host workshops during the year for participants, parents and the community that will focus on college planning, preparation and financial planning for education.

Specialized Courses and Programming
Rutgers Students will be invited to participate in special courses and/or programs at Rutgers University and other host institutions in New Jersey such as the REACH (Rutgers Early College Hummanities Program). This program serves to demystify college for students from underserved communities, excites them about learning, intensifies their desire to continue with their education, builds their confidence that they can handle college, and provides them with a degree of conceptual and cultural preparation that they cannot gain through their regular high school studies. Rutgers grants a certificate of achievement to any student completing a REaCH course and from four to six college credits to students completing it at a high level of academic performance.

Students will receive stipends under the Directors Honor and Distinguished Honor list for achieving success in grades, perfect attendance and grade improvement during the academic year. During the summer students will be given stipends and awards based on performance and academic competitions.