Consistent with the original spirit and intent of the legislation which created the New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund program in 1968, and in-line with the University’s mission, the School of Arts and Sciences Educational Opportunity Fund (SAS EOF) Program is committed to providing access and opportunity to academically under-prepared students from low income backgrounds and communities generally under-represented in higher education. The SAS EOF program endeavors to attract students who demonstrate a high level of academic motivation, the drive to overcome personal and financial problems, and the vision to establish career goals which, when obtained, moves them out of poverty and into the country’s economic mainstream.

From first enrollment to graduation, students admitted to the School of Arts & Sciences through the EOF Program are required to meet to program guidelines to maintain their eligibility. These include: successful completion of the Summer Institute, maintaining an on-going active relationship with their assigned counselor, and participation in academic support efforts-- i.e. tutoring, learning skills development sessions, interpersonal skills building activities, etc.  Beyond this, SAS EOF students are expected to prepare themselves for the life after Rutgers.  Towards this end, the program places special emphasis on moving students towards graduate education programs, professional schools, and rewarding careers.

In conclusion, all students admitted to the School of Arts & Sciences EOF are challenged to develop an appreciation of issues of diversity, civic engagement, community, social responsibility, and leadership.  Although SAS EOF students often come from backgrounds that fail to prepare them for the attainment of such lofty ideals, the SAS EOF Program endeavors to provide them with support and experiences designed to aid them in developing the capability to participate fully in every aspect of the college experience.