• Eligible EOF students will receive an EOF grant each semester as part of their financial aid package.
  • Program compliant EOF students can apply to receive financial assistance (pending available funding) for registration in Rutgers Summer Session courses, for Study Abroad programs, and other special funding opportunities to enhance their educational experience and progress.


  • Incoming First Year Students are required to attend The Summer Institute, a state funded academic residential program designed to help students make the transition from high school to Rutgers University.
  • EOF special course offerings include: Effective Study Strategies, LSAT and GRE preparation test-taking skills, and special EOF Byrne Seminars.
  • You will have access to free tutorial services and learning needs assessment through Student Support Services (SSS) and the Rutgers Learning Centers.


  • Counseling and advising support services include academic advising, personal counseling and specialized counseling in career and financial aid through a designated EOF Counselor.
  • You will have access to individualized counseling about university resources and special career & academic enrichment programs.
  • Student leadership development opportunities are provided through participation in the Educational Opportunity Program Student Association (EOPSA) and the Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society (XAE). EOPSA and XAE promote peer mentoring, leadership development, legislative advocacy, community service, academic excellence and educating the college/university community about the SAS EOF program and its students.