Donate to EOF

Greetings Students, Alumni, and SAS EOF Supporters!

We truly appreciate you giving back to The School of Arts and Sciences Educational Opportunity Fund Program:

Your donation helps with emergency funds and educational enrichement. Below are a few examples:

  • Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Medication
  • Glasses
  • Meals over winter/spring break
  • Graduate Exam Fees
  • Travel expenses for Internships/Externships


Donating to the Program is easy!

Click on the "Donate Here" link. When you open the link you will be taken to Step 1 of the Donations page. SAS EOF is not listed on the 1st page. Therefore, when you click "Step 2 to proceed" on the right hand side of the donation page  you can write down what group you would like to donate to. Make sure you put SAS EOF and the following Project ID 501533. We thank you in advance for your support!


Donate Here!