Academic Support

EOF partners with many centers, programs, and organizations that provide numerous resources to assist you along your journey through Rutgers. These resources are at your fingertips; all you have to do is take advantage of them.

Learning Centers (LC)

  • RLC academic support services include tutoring, academic coaching, course specific study groups, GRE preparation, course support, a variety of workshops, scholarship assistance, and a variety of course support materials.

Student Support Services (SSS) (TRiO)

  • SSS is a federally-funded TRiO Program to help students overcome class, social, academic and cultural barriers to higher education. SSS offers FREE ONE-ON-ONE TUTORING, ACADEMIC & CAREER COACHING, and a COMPUTER LABORATORY. They also lend NOTEBOOK COMPUTERS for students to use on a short-term basis for class projects.

Office for Diversity & Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS)

  • ODASIS is a support program which serves students from under-represented groups who are interested in pursuing careers in the sciences, technical, or allied health professions.
  • They offer academic advising and tutorial sessions in core math and science courses such as biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, genetics, systems physiology, biochemistry, pre-calculus, calculus and statistics.
  • They also offer study groups, career counseling, and motivational and study skills workshops. They advise students about research training and scholarship opportunities, as well as experience in health care facilities.
  • ODASIS provides the tools necessary for students to succeed academically in the sciences by employing proper study and time management techniques, developing organizational, problem solving, analytical thinking, and critical reading skills, as well as tools to improve study and test-taking skills.

Math & Science Learning Center (MSLC)

  • The MSLC is a unique resource for students in the sciences. The Center is committed to providing support services for University students and outreach programs for K-12 students. Special to the MSLC are the hands-on interdisciplinary science demonstrations and activities. Student managers and employees contribute to the success of the MSLC

Writing Centers

  • The Writing Centers function in conjunction with courses offered by the Writing Program. Students in these courses may seek assistance on their own from the Writing Centers located on College Avenue, Douglass, and Livingston campuses.

Office of Disability Services

  • ODS will help students optimize their individual learning needs and develop appropriate services with reasonable accommodations. They educates students and provide resources to empower them to achieve their goals.