EOF Supplemental Information Form (S. I .F.)

Greetings SAS EOF Students! 

Seniors (Class of 2017):

As you transition into different experiences here at Rutgers and beyond graduation we want to make sure we:

  • Stay connected with you so give us your digits!
  • Recognize all your accomplishments while you were here with us! (from your 1st year through your last!)
  • Collect your “best pic” for our Senior Recognition Event

***** If you would like to be considered for the 2017 Senior Recognition Booklet please submit this form by April 21, 2017*****

Continuing Students (Class of 2018, 2019 and 2020) :

As you complete this academic year, we want to make sure we :

  • Stay connected with you
  • Recognize your accomplishments for this academic year ( Fall 2016, Spring  2017 and this upcoming Summer 2017)

 Please follow us on instagram at ru_sas_eof !

Please provide an email not affiliated with Rutgers ex 123@gmail.com
If not applicable please note N/A
If not applicable please put N/A
If not applicable please put N/A
Please write NA if not applicable