Program Guidelines

What should you expect from EOF?

The Educational Opportunity Fund will provide the following to eligible EOF students:

  • A grant in an amount pre-determined by the State Regulators which is to be applied to EOF students' tuition or other college expenses
  • Provide information about learning skills workshops and other programs aimed at developing strategies for succeeding in college
  • Guide you in planning your academic program and assist with your selection and registration of courses
  • Structure activities that provide educational and professional enrichment
  • Monitor student progress and help keep students on course for graduation
  • Provide advising/counseling on academic, career, and personal issues
  • Design programs to help students realize their educational, career, and personal goals
  • Provide access to supplemental instruction and/or free tutoring
  • Provide personal and financial aid counseling
  • Prepare students for professional careers, and/or enrollment in graduate/professional education
  • Provide access to services already available to the general student population
  • Provide financial assistance for registration in Rutgers Summer Session courses if eligible and if/when funds are available
  • Sponsor an orientation to inform students of program requirements, policies and procedures
  • Access to the Dean's office, alumni, and fellow EOF students for networking opportunities through events
Students are encouraged to take full advantage of all the resources available to them and should request additional assistance if ever and whenever needed.

What do we expect of you as an EOF student?

As an EOF student, you will receive invaluable personalized counseling to assist you in exploring and resolving academic, financial aid, career, and personal issues that arise as you take this journey. However, it is up to YOU to take advantage of these opportunities and make the most of them.  

Your responsibilities include:

  • Meet and maintain eligibility criteria
  • Meet with your EOF Counselor at least once a month
  • Attend all scheduled workshops, orientation, and receptions
  • Participate in tutoring sessions and study groups as assigned
  • Meet Standards of Academic Progress
  • Keep your EOF Counselor abreast of all financial, academic, and personal changes & updates
  • Maintain full-time enrollment or have written approval for a part-time grant
  • Meet the maximum number of semesters of eligibility (no more than 12 semesters of payment over the course of your entire undergraduate career, unless otherwise approved)