Transfer & Non-Traditional Students

The Transfer and Nontraditional (TNT) unit of the SAS EOF program serves the academic, personal and financial needs of transfer, non-traditional, adult and part-time students, the majority of whom combine an academic career with their personal and professional lives. By being fully integrated into the University's academic support/counseling system, Transfer and Nontraditional students have access to the full complement of student support services available to all students, thereby allowing for a positive transition from a student's non-academic or previous academic experiences to and through the academic experience at Rutgers University. It is our mission to foster an intimate learning environment that will promote excellence in undergraduate education for non-traditional students, and to prepare them for the changing world of work in order to assume positions of leadership in their communities and the state.


*Preliminary Criteria and Admission Procedures

The EOF state program is available to first-generation college students who are:

  • US Citizens or Resident Aliens
  • Able to attend school full-time for the majority of their studies
  • Residents of New Jersey for two years prior to receiving EOF funds
  • Meet the current EOF admission eligibility and income guidelines Submit an EOF transfer/referral form (provided by the EOF Counselor at your previous school).

All Transfer and Nontraditional (TNT) EOF applicants must:

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and ensure that Rutgers is listed as the school of first choice.
  • Submit an EOF transfer/referral form (provided by the EOF Counselor at your previous school). This is necessary for consideration of  application fee and enrollment fee waivers.
  • Return the admissions acknowledgement form upon acceptance.
  • Schedule an interview with the TNT EOF Director or Counselor by calling 848-932-9188. The interview is required in order to make a broad assessment of the student's motivation, potential, talent, and eligibility based on any recommendations/referrals, school records, academic and personal history, and other application material. Note: No transfer or nontraditional applicant will be considered for the program without this interview.

*If the candidate meets the preliminary criteria, the Director will forward his/her name to Financial Aid for an in-depth review. The names of any applicant deemed eligible are forwarded to the state EOF office for confirmation of funding. All admitted Transfer and Nontraditional EOF students confirmed for funding will be notified by phone or e-mail.