Creating Your Rutgers Email Account

After the Admissions office has completed processing someone's application, the person is sent an email message directing him/her to the "NetID Activation" link on

All new students are assigned a Rutgers unique identifier known as a NetID comprised of initials and a unique number (e.g. jqs23) and required to activate a NetID after they've indicated they plan to attend Rutgers University.

In activating a NetID, you are creating your unique identity in the University-wide identification and authentication system. You will enter your personal information that allows you to set a password, and is told your NetID. Your assigned NetID will appear on the activation screen. With a NetID, you will be able to access library services, course websites, our online registration system (WebReg), and much more. While creating your NetID, you will also be setting up your Rutgers Email account. This email account will be the University’s primary means of communication and you are responsible for all email sent by the University to this address, so we recommend checking it often or by having your emails forwarded to an address that you do check often.

What does NetID and Services Activation do?

  • Sets your authentication password
    This is the password you will use for most electronic services.
  • Allows you to setup your security questions and answers
    You can choose to select three questions and answers that will help you reset your password.
  • Allows you to select services
    You can choose services for which you are eligible, including ScarletApps (Google for Rutgers), or locally provided email and website services.
  • Establishes your Rutgers email address
    This is the email address to which Rutgers University will send official communications and notices.
  • Allows you to choose where you would like your official Rutgers email delivered
    You can choose to have your Rutgers email address forwarded to a different account, or you can choose to use a Rutgers provided email service.

Manage Your ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password

Password Rules

A good password will be between 10 and 63 characters in length and is required to have a mix of 3 kinds of characters (such as uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers). The full password rules are below.

  • Your password must be between 10 or 63 characters long.
  • Your password must also contain a minimum of 3 character classes. The characters on the keyboard are grouped into 5 categories known as classes. They are:
    ◦lowercase letters (a-z)
    ◦uppercase letters (A-Z)
    ◦numerals (0-9)
    ◦special characters)
  • Spaces, tabs, and carriage returns are not allowed.

It is recommended that your ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP/POP password be different then your normal Rutgers NetID password for improved security.

Next, the person has a ScarletMail email account created. This is done automatically for everyone activating a NetID.

All ScarletMail accounts have addresses in the form of Because NetIDs can be used to access more than just email (student records, payroll data, others' data, etc.), many people do not want to show their NetIDs in their email addresses. So the next step in NetID activation is to offer the person a chance to create a personalized email address or mail alias, in the form of

Everyone automatically gets a "" alias. This allows you to make a second, friendlier one which hides the NetID. All "" aliases forward to "delivery addresses", so the "" address is not an actual email account. For most people, this delivery address would be their netid@scarletmail account, but you are free to change it or to add additional delivery addresses, including non-Rutgers ones.

Finally, you are asked to specify an official email address for Rutgers business. This is what will show in their records on the people search, and it is what official email lists, such as class lists or the administrative RAMS lists, will use. This can be your new mail alias or a direct email account address -- it's up to you.

Many people read email through the website. The mail program there is currently defaulting to looking for Eden accounts, since Eden used to be the most likely place someone would have a Rutgers account, but the person can use the wrench icon in that mail program to set it to look at ScarletMail (or a couple of other possibilities at Rutgers) instead.

ScarletMail people can also read mail through the website, or configure phones or computers to read their mail. Links to the FAQ list on provide these instructions.

Any student can call the helpdesk, or write to helpdesk@nbcs (or help@ whatever system their account is on, such as, with additional questions.