Summer Institute Requirement

Summer Institute Dates

Saturday, June 24 through Friday, July 28, 2017

To prepare for your college experience, you will join other EOF students at the EOF Summer Institute. During this mandatory five-week program you will have the option to live on campus or commute. All students are required to participate in all planned educational, social and recreational activities. Math and writing courses will be available to you, along with sessions designed to advance your skills in the areas of computer applications, reading, study skills, and test taking. Workshop presentations will help you begin making informed choices about academic majors and careers. Data shows that students who complete the Summer Institute make an easier and more successful transition to the University. A special summer EOF grant will cover the cost of tuition, textbooks, housing and meals. Please do not make other plans during this time.

Note: Your admission to the EOF Program is contingent upon your successful completion of the Summer Institute.

The program maintains an extremely strict attendance policy.  Absences from classes and/or other program activities is prohibited.


  •     Business Casual Clothes (i.e. sweater, slacks, button-up, etc.)
  •     Cleaning Supplies (trash bag, broom, etc...)
  •     Clothes Hangers
  •     Fan
  •     Insurance Card/copy of insurance card (we will not keep a copy of your insurance card. This is your responsibility.
  •     Laptop/Computer (laptop required for all SAS EOF summer students; remember it must have a word application in the laptop)
  •     Laundry Supplies
  •     Medications
  •     Notebooks, paper, pens, pencils (we will supply you with a bookbag, notebook,pen and notecards)
  •     Pillows & bedding (All beds are Twin extra-long.)
  •     Shower Basket (to carry toiletries to and from bathroom)
  •     Snacks for your room and for breakfast
  •     Toiletries (shower shoes, robe, soap, toothpaste…)
  •     Towels
  •     Umbrella


  • Air Conditioner (Not Permitted, Building is Air-cooled)
  • Candles
  • Microwaves/Hot plates/Ovens/Refrigerator
  • Outside Furniture (including desk chairs)
  • Pets


Moving onto Campus: (Residence Life)

Suggestions on what to bring when moving on Campus:  

What not to bring when moving on Campus:

You may bring necessities for your first week and discuss other items with your room mates.  Required academic supplies such as textbooks and calculators will be provided.

In case of medical emergencies, we ask the ALL STUDENTS bring your health insurance card.



Students planning to keep a car on campus during the Summer Institute will need to purchase a Rutgers parking permit. Permits may be obtained from the Rutgers Department of Transportation Services online:

Please note that we are not responsible for lost or stolen property.