Summer Institute Overview

All incoming first-year students who are admitted to the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, and Mason Gross School of the Arts EOF Program will be required to attend the Summer Institute.

The 2017 SAS EOF Summer Institute is a mandatory 5-week residential program. It takes place from Saturday, June 24th through Friday, July 28th. The Summer Institute is designed to help students make the academic, social, and emotional transition from high school to college. Students will live on-campus, earn degree credits (or move on to the next level of developmental courses), strengthen their academic skills, and become prepared for life as a successful college student.

The aim of the Summer Institute is to ensure that students are better prepared to meet the rigorous academic and socio-emotional demands of Rutgers in the fall. We are proud to inform you that the Summer Institute has been a wonderful experience; 99% of the participants successfully completed the program and will be enrolled at the university in the fall. Most students will receive three to five credits--some slightly more. Relatedly, new EOF transfer students will be attending a transition program scheduled over three evenings this summer in August.

All students will take a writing course, and most students will take a math course, based on Rutgers University placement test results. Students interested in pursuing the sciences, and possessing the necessary placement test results, will be able to take Foundations of Biological Sciences.  Students admitted to the School of Business will take Introduction to Business. Students who are interested in pursuing majors that do not require math beyond Intermediate Algebra will be able to take Topics in Math for the Liberal Arts or Introduction to American Cultures.  Since summer course enrollment is based on placement test results, students are encouraged to take their placement tests as soon as possible (and no later than the first week in June). For placement test information, click here.

As a result of the academic classes and enrichment experiences such as time management sessions, study skills workshops, and test preparation seminars, students will be prepared to perform well in and outside the classroom.

Information regarding the summer institute: Summer Institute Information Packet