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05/06/2016 - 5:00pm — SEBS EOF Graduate & Outstanding Student Reception
Flier for Grauate Reception
The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program is hosting an exciting event to celebrate the accomplishments of the Graduating Class of 2016. A recognition ceremony will be held with a reception to follow. We look forward to seeing all graduates and guest at this great event.   Event Location: Cook Campus, Neilson Dinning Hall... Continued
05/27/2016 - 12:00pm — Solid GEMS Summer Academic Programs
Picture of Lab Beakers
The mission of School of Environmental and Biological Sciences EOF is to supply students with quality instruction that enhances student knowledge and application. The Solid GEMS (General Education in Math and Science) program was designed to facilitate student participation in science and math instruction and promote hands-on learning. Solid GEMS is broken up into three components; the Solid GEMS... Continued
06/11/2016 (All day) — SEBS EOF Parent/Student Orientation
Parent Student Orientation RSVP Flier
SEBS EOF Parent/Student Orientation Event Location:  Food Science Building 65 Dudley Road New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8520 9:30 am -4 pm We have scheduled a Parent/Guardian and Student Orientation Program for Saturday, June 11th and all incoming first year students are required to attend this session. This is an all-day program designed to introduce you to the... Continued
07/10/2016 (All day) — SEBS START-UP Summer Institute
Picture of SEBS EOF Summer START-UP Dates,  Picture of Student at the Farm Visit
The START-UP Summer Institute is an intensive academic experience comprised of a multidisciplinary workshop series. The workshops include Scientific Research Methods, Mathematics, English Composition, and Critical Thinking. Upon completing the summer program, EOF students begin the fall semester with three undergraduate degree credits and a greater familiarity with the academic demands and the... Continued

SEBS EOF Alumni- Jose Grullon Class of 2015

Picture of Jose G.
The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) EOF program has helped me be more successful.  SEBS EOF helped me prepare for the undergraduate experience by providing many opportunities.  One such opportunity was the Pre-Freshmen summer enrichment program that allowed me to... Continued

Yale University Conference

Picture of Students at Yale University Conference
Rutgers University students attend Yale University Diversity Conference. The annual Edward A. Bouchet Conference was held at Yale University April 1-2, 2016.  The conference honors Dr. Edward Bouchet (1852-1918) who graduated from Yale College in 1874. He went on to be the first African... Continued

Erin Conversano Research with SEBS Faculty

Picture of Erin Conversano
"In my first year here at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences I was excited to begin research as soon as could. Over the spring 2015 semester, I researched through the Douglass Residential College Project SUPER. With my interest in animal behavior, I have been excited to... Continued