Meet the Staff

Janice Sabb Dr. Jenice Sabb, Assistant Dean/Director. Under Dean Sabb’s leadership, the SEBS EOF office works to facilitate student academic success by strengthening office functioning and program services. Working with administrative and academic offices, Dean Sabb fosters collegial rapport that creates opportunities for on and off-campus collaboration. In addition to her administrative duties, Dean Sabb is responsible for managing campus, university and state budgets, securing funds necessary for the enhancement of programming to create and support opportunity for student intellectual and personal growth. Dean Sabb believes that through education individuals gain a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Janice SabbDr. Jacqueline Moore, Assistant Director/EOF Manager. Dr. Jacqueline Moore serves as the liaison between the SEBS EOF program and  various university academic and student service offices. Jacqueline is responsible for developing goals and professional development activities for staff. She supervises and evaluates the SEBS EOF summer programs for renewal and first-year students. Jacqueline is responsible for developing and implementing student academic success and retention initiatives to carry out the program mission and objectives. Some of these programs include: Tutoring Services, First year Seminar and Academic Advisement.  She is also responsible for initiating collaborations with high schools and community agencies while  developing leadership programming activities to promote student achievement.

Martha EstevezMartha Estevez. Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Martha Estevez is the Administrative Assistant for the SEBS EOF program.  Martha coordinates and ensures efficient processing, and completion, of all of the administrative/financial support, personnel paperwork, and clerical tasks for the Program. Martha assists with preparation of financial reports, budget computations, reconciliations, expenditure reports and complies with University, SAEE policy and EOF regulations. Martha supervises all Federal Work Study students. Martha is the liaison on behalf of the SEBS EOF program to:  NJ Office of the Secretary of Higher Education, Undergraduate Academic Affairs Business office, Senior Directors office of Student Access and Educational Equity, Human Resources, Payroll as well as other internal/external constituents.

Ileana AlmaguerIleana Almaguer, Senior Counselor. Ms. Ileana Almaguer, Senior Counselor for the SEBS EOF Program provides financial aid, academic, career and personal counseling to a caseload of SEBS EOF students.  Ileana is responsible for maintaining the State of New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund Program student grant payment roster and assisting incoming EOF transfers, juniors, and senior students to secure EOF eligibility. In addition to advisement, Ileana plans and coordinates programs and workshops geared towards educational, personal growth, graduate studies, career goals and alumni outreach.  Her message to the students is that if you strongly believe and have the desire and the vision, you can and will achieve.

Edrice WyattEdrice Wyatt, Senior Counselor. Mrs. Edrice Wyatt serves as a Senior Counselor for the SEBS EOF program. She believes that with hard work, and passion anyone can be successful at fulfilling their dreams.  Her goal within SEBS EOF not only includes assisting students matriculate successfully, but also helping them make professional connections that will last beyond their undergraduate experience. Edrice is responsible for providing academic, financial, personal and career counseling to first year, sophomore, and junior students. Her area of responsibility also includes  outreach and community development to establish and maintain a rapport with appropriate networks, inside and outside of the university community.  She works very closely  monitoring and advising probation and transfer students. She coordinates the Yale University summer and spring projects, as well as the SEBS EOF Alumni network.  Additionally, Edrice is also the advisor to the  C.O.S.I.N.E. & C.H.E.M.S. SEBS EOF student organizations.

Damarys RomeroDamarys Romero, Counselor. Ms Damarys Romero serves as an EOF Counselor for the SEBS EOF program. A Rutgers and SEBS EOF Alumni. Damarys has had the opportunity to work for Rutgers in multiple capacities, as a clerical assistant, tutor coordinator for SEBS EOF and program coordinator for Student Support Services. Damarys enjoys working with students, providing guidance and support on different types of issues and concerns. She is responsible for providing academic, financial, personal, and career counseling to first year, and sophomore students. Damarys also actively participates in the planning and implementation of summer program residential activities to motivate and inspire students. Additionally, Damarys is also responsible for promoting and supporting educational opportunities and enrichment activities to help facilitate the educational and personal growth of students through organized activities and collaborative efforts with staff, administrators and faculty at Rutgers University.