Focused on access, academic excellence, and research, the SEBS Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) cultivates student capacity to make adaptive changes in their educational development and overcome historic socioeconomic factors that challenge their potential for success. SEBS EOF seeks to provide services that assist students in navigating the complexities of an academic and social climate, within a global environment; and, facilitate an understanding of what is required to succeed in college as a science major at Rutgers. Seeking to produce researchers, scientists, and health professionals, SEBS EOF promotes learning outcomes that positions the program to become a leading producer of first-generation graduates and high achieving STEM professionals. 

The SEBS EOF staff guides, informs and instructs, while encouraging student academic, personal and professional success. Supporting Rutgers University and SEBS missions, SEBS EOF seeks to ensure access to quality higher education, especially for students who have encountered economical and educational challenges.

Using a holistic approach to academic support and a progressive network of programs and services, our philosophy on education is:

If you are planning for a year, plant rice.

If you are planning for a decade, plant a tree.

If you are planning for a lifetime, educate a person.