Academic Support Services Program

The goal of the Academic Support Services Program is to supplement classroom instruction by assisting students with improving the analytical and cognitive skills necessary for personal and professional development.

Highly skilled graduate students and professionals serve as supplemental instruction facilitators to provide a wide array of academic support services designed to enhance student success. One-on-one tutoring, study group sessions, as well as study skills, time management and test preparation workshops are a few of the services offered through this program.
During each session, participants acquire the ability to self-identify areas of weakness and develop strategies for success. Support sessions are structured to sharpen students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills, while promoting student application of course content. Based on the Piaget model of learning, students are taught how to distinguish their learning styles and to identify instructional resources that best suit those styles, thus enhancing learning outcomes.

Seminar in Academic Skills

All first-year  students must participate in the Seminar in Academic Skills course, attending a weekly seminar in addition to an eighty-minute weekly tutorial session for 16 weeks. First-year student participation is essential to our retention and graduation efforts. Working closely with SEBS EOF counseling staff, students are guided through their first year at Rutgers to ensure a smooth transition from high school to college. Upper-class, transfer and re-admitted students are encouraged to seek assistance as necessary.

Steps To Eliminate EOF Probation Status (S.T.E.E.P.S.)

As part of our effort to facilitate student graduation and reduce the number of students placed on academic probation, we have instituted a program titled "Steps To Eliminate EOF Probation Status" (S.T.E.E.P.S.). Students who are placed on probation are enrolled in a weekly seminar to assist students in achieving satisfactory academic status. Designed specifically for probation students, this seminar serves to assist the student in assessing his/her personal and academic status to determine the best solutions to achieve success.
Program services will be supplemented by other Rutgers-New Brunswick academic services, such as the Writing Center, Learning Centers, Student Support Services, and the Math & Science Learning Center.