Extended General Chemistry 165/166 - Academic Year

Fall Semester Only: Extended General Chemistry 165 (01:160:165:R-sections) equilvalent to General Chemistry 01:160:161

Spring Semester Only: Extended General Chemistry 166 (01:160:166:R-sections) equilvalent to General Chemistry 01:160:162

Students can register themselves for the course using the online schedule of classes. For additional information about the Solid GEMS Chemistry academic year course, please visit the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

Extended General Chemistry

Solid G.E.M.S. (General Education in Math and Science)

Facts & Myths

MYTH: The Department of Chemistry offers two entirely different Chemistry 165 and 166 courses. One is called "regular chemistry" and the other is Solid GEMS 165 and 166.

FACT: There is only one Chemistry 165 and 166 course. Some of the sections (the "R" designates Solid GEMS, the "H" designates honors, and the sections that are not designated are the regular course sections) use a different teaching model which emphasizes abstract reasoning and hands-on learning. The Solid GEMS sections also offer smaller classes, more lecture and recitation time, and more test-taking opportunities. However, the course content is the same.

MYTH: Solid GEMS is a remedial science course. Students enrolled in Solid GEMS take "watered-down," preparatory chemistry, not the "real" Chemistry 165 and 166. After taking Solid GEMS, students are still required to take Chemistry 165 and 166 to complete the science sequence.

FACT: Solid GEMS sections are given exactly the same material (with all its trimmings) as the non-Solid GEMS sections. The "R" simply distinguishes the section; it does not stand for “remedial." Furthermore, Solid GEMS Chemistry 165-166 completes the university general course sequence. Student transcripts from GEMS and non-GEMS sections look the same; however, Solid GEMS uses a research-based approach to improving students' ability to reason abstractly. Solid GEMS sections offer these extra benefits:

  • Less than 30 students per recitation section
  • Extended lectures--three 80-minute (instead of three 55-minute) lectures per week
  • Extended recitations--two recitations per week (instead of one)
  • Four hourly exams per semester plus final (instead of only three hourly exams)
  • Eight quizzes per semester (instead of three)
  • Instant feedback of material and direct relationship to daily life experiences by using chemistry principles as examples

MYTH: Solid GEMS sections get easier quizzes, hourly exams, and a different final exam because GEMS is a lower-level developmental course.

FACT: The level of difficulty in Solid GEMS exams is the same as the non-Solid GEMS exams. Furthermore, whether students are enrolled in Solid GEMS or non-Solid GEMS chemistry, they all take the same final exam.