Financial Aid

SEBS EOF exists to support access to quality higher education, especially for students who have encountered economical and educational challenges.

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Get Ready for SPRING!!!

As we come to the end of the Fall semester, here are some things you need to prepare for:

Spring term bills will be sent soon and payment will be due in January.  Make sure to review your charges and financial aid award notice.  We strongly encourage you to contact your EOF advisor to go over any issues, concerns, and term bill and meal plan payment.  For term bills and payment options visit student accounting

Do you need money for college?  Please review the  SEBS EOF financial aid link for scholarship resources and stop by the office to discuss how to apply and submit a stellar application.

Did you file your FAFSA for 2017-18?  You should have done so by now.  The Rutgers priority funding date is January 15th for the availability of limited university funds, such as RAG, SEOG, work study…etc.  Make sure to review your fafsa confirmation email and Student Aid Report (SAR) which can be found after you have filed your FAFSA.  For state aid (TAG and EOF) you can review your Student Eligibility Notice when notified by the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority.

For more information on financial aid and scholarships, stop by the EOF Office.