Financial Aid

SEBS EOF exists to support access to quality higher education, especially for students who have encountered economical and educational challenges.

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SUMMER REGISTRATION:  The calendar is moving fast!  Summer registration is available and you can view the information online.  If you are thinking of taking courses at any Rutgers campus, you also need to plan for paying your summer term bill.  Classes are charged at $415 per credit for SEBS students.  You also need to include the summer fees of $161.75 and any additional fees if taking online courses.  Please make note of the term bill payment deadlines.


Summer Scholarship:  For students with a 3.5 GPA, you may be eligible for a summer scholarship.  Register for classes early to see if you meet this requirement and may be eligible to receive a summer scholarship.  Selected students who qualify will receive an email invitation to apply during spring term.
SEBS EOF Summer funding:  The SEBS EOF program provides a Summer Reimbursement Application for some financial assistance for summer courses.  Please read eligibility requirements and meet with your counselor.
Do you need money for college?  Please review the EOF financial aid link for scholarship resources and stop by the office to discuss how to apply and submit a stellar application.

Did you file your FAFSA for 2017-18?  You should have done so by now.  Make sure to check documents on your Rutgers financial aid portal.  For state aid (TAG and EOF) you can review your Student Eligibility Notice when notified by the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (

2017-2018 SEBS SCHOLARHIP application is now available.  Apply early, due April 7th.

Coming soon…FALL 2017 Pre-Registration begins on March 26th.