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Guess what? Graduate EOF Grant Application is now online! Eligibility: First, must demonstrate an educationally and economically disadvantaged background. Second, be a New Jersey resident 12 consecutive months prior to receiving the award. Third, apply and be accepted to a participating New Jersey college or university. Fourth, be a full-time graduate student as defined by the institution. Fifth, meet the financial eligibility criteria as defined in the undergraduate section above. Sixth, be in a degree/certificate program with a minimum requirement of 24 equivalent semester hours and be at least one academic year in duration. Students who received EOF grants as undergraduates shall... continued
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The mission of School of Environmental and Biological Sciences EOF is to supply students with quality instruction that enhances student knowledge and application. The Solid GEMS (General Education in Math and Science) program was designed to facilitate student participation in science and math instruction and promote hands-on learning. Solid GEMS is broken up into three components; the Solid GEMS Chemistry Program, Bio House, and Math Quad. Though these programs simultaneously occur during the summer, they cover three different subject areas. Sharing the same module of active learning, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences EOF provides supplemental materials, additional... continued
Book Loan Flier
The cost of textbooks can be a major expense for college students.  For students with limited income or financial aid, this cost can be a potential barrier to completing their program of study and being successful in their studies.  The SEBS EOF program is fortunate to lend used Math & English books to SEBS EOF students who are in need.  We hope that by providing this service, more SEBS EOF students will be able to complete their educational goals in a timely manner. In order to receive a used Math and/or English book, SEBS EOF students must submit the Book Loan Request Form to the SEBS EOF office.  The following books are available for a semester ONLY loan: Chemistry 161/165... continued
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The START-UP Summer Institute is an intensive academic experience comprised of a multidisciplinary workshop series. The workshops include Scientific Research Methods, Mathematics, and English Composition. Upon completing the summer program, EOF students begin the fall semester with a greater familiarity with the academic demands and the social environment of Rutgers University. The Residence Life and Counseling components of the START-UP Summer Institute are crucial in promoting a cohesive living and learning community where students live together with an emphasis on personal growth, academic maturity and an appreciation of diversity. During the 2017 Summer START-UP the program dates are... continued