2015 Summer Chemistry Information Session

Event Location: 
Cook Student Center Room 202 C
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This session is designed to introduce students to the 2015 Solid GEMS Chemistry 165 Summer Institute. Students will learn about the 2015 GEMS Summer Institute eligibility requirements. While the academic year course is open to all students, participation in the Summer Institute is limited to eligible students. All students must fill out the application.

Solid GEMS fulfills the requirements for all science majors requiring General Chemistry, and is satisfies the prerequisite for registration for Organic Chemistry. Solid GEMS Chemistry (165/166) is a 4-degree credit course, offering traditional in-class recitation sections; while General Chemistry (161/162) is a 3-degree credit course, offering a 1-degree credit on-line recitation (160:101). Students enrolled in Solid GEMS Chemistry (165/166) will learn the same material, use the same textbook, and take the same final exam as students enrolled in General Chemistry 161/162.

Using innovative teaching practices, Solid GEMS Chemistry (165/166) students are in class each day of the week for longer class periods. The extended class time allows in-depth discussion of chemistry topics and promotes faculty interaction to enhance student learning.

Solid GEMS Chemistry uses teaching methods to improve student reasoning skills, teach chemistry-related mathematics, and offer experiential approaches to solving problems.  The benefits of enrolling in Solid GEMS General Chemistry (165/166) are:

  • Smaller lecture and recitation
  • Extended lectures
  • Greater faculty-student interactions
  • Eight exams and nine quizzes in the summer
  • Smaller in-class recitation session (greater faculty-student interactions)
  • Lecture notes and drills are provided

Solid GEMS Chemistry Summer Program Application

Friday, January 30, 2015 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm