Peer-Mentoring Program

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 Mission of the Peer-Mentoring Program

The primary purpose of the SEBS EOF Peer-Mentor Program is to provide students with optimum opportunity for academic success. Through the efforts of upper-class students who serve as role models and peer-mentors, this program will provide a supportive environment and motivation for the students to succeed. We are dedicated to assisting first year students in their transition to Rutgers University by giving them a sense of belonging to address the social, emotional and cognitive challenges they may encounter in the campus community. We are also committed to offering opportunities of leadership development to SEBS EOF students by providing hands on experiences needed to succeed in science and math. Mentor relationships are continued with students in subsequent years as they endeavor to succeed academically, become influential leaders, and develop into global citizens here at Rutgers University and beyond.

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Join the program as a Mentee

The SEBS EOF Peer-Mentoring program is designed to provide a connection for first-year, underrepresented students in their transition to the Rutgers community by providing support and resources to increase their success and engagement with the university. SEBS EOF first year students who apply to be mentees are matched with a compatible peer-mentor based upon an application and interview process. Mentees and peer- mentors are matched for a semester experience. Peer mentors also attend and help facilitate events that foster community building, leadership and academic success. Mentees and Peer-Mentors are expected to meet periodically throughout the semester in order to develop a strong connection so students can feel supported during this transition. Peer-mentors help mentees students navigate the college experience. Some of the benefits to mentees include:

Developing a sense of belonging
Access to academic/social resources and activities
Developing an enhanced awareness of university resources and services
Increased levels of confidence and self-esteem
Developing positive campus experiences

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