Welcome to the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) EOF Alumni community. We would like to welcome all alumni from OSP EOF Cook College and School of Environmental and Biological Sciences as well as a special welcome to recent graduates. The SEBS EOF alumni have a rich tradition filled with current and prospective leaders in the diverse fields of administration, medicine, and science. The SEBS EOF program would like to build stronger ties with  alumni. Our continuous goal is to actively engage alumni in our activities and to generate continued interest and excitement about the SEBS EOF program.

We want our alumni to stay interested and connected to the program. You can first start by updating your contact information. As you are aware, your Rutgers email will or has expired.  Providing us with your current contact information will help us keep in contact with you. And if you should move, change your job or change your e-mail address, make sure you continue to stay connected by updating your information as soon as possible. By staying in touch we can help you build a connection to former classmates and friends. Second, you can also stay connected by contributing information to the “Alumni Spotlight,” where you can include your professional and educational, research and any other professional endeavors you would like to share.

Each year another group of new alumnae are formed, and pass traditions to the next class.  SEBS EOF is proud to have alumni all across the country and throughout the world. It is our mission to make a concerted effort to stay connected to you. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your latest achievement, and promoting them throughout the alumni community.

We appreciate your support and honor your continued involvement with the SEBS EOF family of students, staff, and alumni.