SEBS EOF Transfer Students



To be eligible for EOF program at the Rutgers University

School of Environmental and Biological Sciences you MUST:

  • Completed the online SEBS EOF Transfer Application
  • Have received an EOF Grant from your previous institution.
  • Submit an EOF Transfer Form or letter from your previous institution (signed by the EOF Director or Designee). This form/letter should include verification that you received an EOF Grant at that institution. Please contact your former institution to retrieve the form/letter.
  • Have received an acceptance letter/email from the admissions office.  Submit a copy to EOF
  • Change your college choice to Rutgers University at  Phone: 1-800-792-8670
  • Check the enrollment pathway link to view housing and dining options and other important information:  Enrollment Pathway
  • Attend the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Transfer Student Advising Day and take Placement Test. Call 848-932-3512 for further information. Website:
  • Make an appointment to meet with Ms. Edrice Wyatt, Senior Counselor. 
    • Call 848-932-3738
    • Stop by the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences EOF Office, Martin Hall Room 211
    • Email:  
  • When available, check your Term Bill charges for the upcoming term.
  • Check your Financial Aid status.
  • Submit proof of family income (Tax Transcripts, social security, etc…)
  • Submit a copy of your academic transcript to the Deans Office in Martin Hall Room 205