Solid GEMS (General Education in Math and Science) Summer Program

Designed to present chemistry concepts using instructional practices that promote student abstract reasoning and problem solving skills, the Solid GEMS Chemistry pedagogical model has supported student success in General Chemistry since 1986.

The GEMS Chemistry Institute is a nine to ten week program that allows students who experience performance anxiety to build confidence and skills by focusing on one course – Chemistry 165 (4 – degree credits).

Lecture: The small lecture (typically 15 – 20 students) allows the instructor to personalize the lecture to ensure that ALL students grasp concepts.  Students attend chemistry every day, which encourages student interactions with faculty and teaching fellows.

Small Group Sessions: There are two types of small group sessions - structured and unstructured.

Structured - Students are assigned to work with a teaching fellow (no more than 10 students per group) to review course material after the lectures. In these sessions students engage in group discussions of lecture material, in addition to being taught how to take notes, read science textbooks, study for science coursework, etc.  Teaching fellows will instruct students on group study techniques, so that they will learn successful group study techniques.   

Unstructured - Students are required to participate in mandatory group study, without the teaching fellow.  This session is designed to encourage students to support each other and allow them to demonstrate their leadership ability.

Group Presentations: Unlike the academic year session, the summer course requires a presentation focused on a chemistry related topic. This past year’s topic was Bio-Engineered Foods. This, too, teaches leadership and group dynamic skills.

Summer Program Dates

The Solid GEMS Chemistry Summer Program begins the week of Memorial Day and ends on the first Monday in August.

Solid GEMS Summer Application