Biology House

The SEBS EOF Bio House has grown out of an urgent need to facilitate SEBS EOF student progress towards graduation in the sciences. Rutgers New Brunswick students who are interested in specific STEM majors must complete General Biology I and II to officially declare the major—particularly, those interested in Biological Sciences.

Bio House participants will complete the General Biology 115 and 116 (8 credits) course sequence during an intensive 11-week residential program. Students will reside on the Cook Campus and complete General Biology 115 during the first summer session and, if successful, (earning a "C" or better) will complete General Biology 116 during the second summer session—both at Rutgers New Brunswick.

The Bio House has two primary goals:

  • To continue a pipeline of student matriculation in STEM majors
  • To facilitate student completion of General Biology 115 and 116

The benefits of Bio House:

  • Enrollment in the General Biology 115 and 116 course sequence (8-credits)
  • Participation in the daily recitation sessions to supplement classroom activities
  • Personalized attention from staff and tutors, to ensure satisfactory progress
  • Career exploration seminars to review major selection
  • GRE and GMAT workshops
  • Tuition, Room, and Meal Allowance

To be eligible student must:

  • Be enrolled at SEBS through the EOF office
  • Have earned less than 36 credits

The commencement of this program is subject to adequate funding.