Math Quad

Mapping Academic THoughts: A QUADratic Experience

The M.A.T.H. Quad grew out of an urgent need to facilitate student participation in science instruction. Designed to expedite SEBS EOF student enrollment in introductory science courses, the MATH Quad provides instructional support and advisement for students whose initial mathematics course registration is Elementary Algebra or Intermediate Algebra, as indicated by their scores on the university placement tests.

Participants will enroll in a 5 week residential summer program, where they will become immersed with mathematics and analytical concepts.

The MATH Quad has three primary goals:

  1. To facilitate student enrollment in General Chemistry and General Biology
  2. To continue a pipeline of student matriculation in STEM majors
  3. To inculcate student confidence in their ability to succeed in quantitative and science majors

Benefits of participation:

  • Earn 3–4 credits during the summer
  • Complete mathematics required to enroll in first science course (Biology or Chemistry)
  • Daily mathematics drills, to support content mastery
  • Use ALEKS computerized software to supplement classroom activities
  • Academic and career advisement to clarify personal goals

To be eligible student must:

  • Be a current SEBS EOF undergraduate student
  • Have declared a STEM major
  • Have satisfactorily completed their first year mathematics coursework ("C" or better), and
  • Have demonstrated a commitment and aptitude for success in the program

The commencement of this program is subject to adequate funding.

MATH Summer Program Application