The Summer START-UP Program begins the last week in June and ends on the first Saturday in August. All SEBS EOF students are REQUIRED to attend the Residential Summer Program (cars are prohibited during the program).

The SEBS EOF Parent Orientation and First-Year Student Advising Session will be held on the second Saturday, in June on the George H. Cook Campus. This is a mandatory event for all accepted incoming SEBS EOF students.

START-UP Summer Institute Forms Application

The initial experience for freshmen entering SEBS through EOF is the START-UP Summer Institute. The summer program is a four-five week residential program and is mandatory for entering SEBS EOF students. The SEBS EOF has designed the summer program to improve student performance and increase first year retention rates by:

  •     Orienting students to available programs and services
  •     Assessing students' academic needs
  •     Preparing students for life at a major research institution
  •     Facilitating personal responsibility for the learning process
  •     Assisting students in identifying their first-year goals and academic major

The START-UP Summer Institute is an intensive academic experience comprised of a multidisciplinary workshop series. The workshops include Scientific Research Methods, Mathematics, English Composition, and Critical Thinking.

Upon completing the summer program, EOF students begin the fall semester with three undergraduate degree credits and a greater familiarity with the academic demands and the social environment of Rutgers University.

The Residence Life and Counseling components of the START-UP Summer Institute are crucial in promoting a cohesive living and learning community where students live together with an emphasis on personal growth, academic maturity and an appreciation of diversity.

NOTE: SEBS EOF students will be housed on the G.H. Cook Campus during the START-UP Summer Institute. As a continuation of the summer program, all SEBS EOF students participating in the campus residential program will be required to reside on G. H. Cook campus during their freshman year.

Students must complete and return the START-UP Summer Institute Forms Application prior to attending the summer program.