2017 Alternative Spring Break: Rachelle Woodson, SSS Scholar

Rachelle Woodson

During this school year’s spring break, I had the opportunity to go abroad to the
Dominican Republic, where I spent 9 days learning about the history and experiencing the
culture of the island. I got accepted into the Alternative Spring Break delegation a month before
the actual trip, so I had limited time to get enough funding. It was impossible for my family to
fully fund the trip, so I seeked assistance from programs that I was involved in on campus.
Luckily, Student Support Services was generous enough to cover all the expenses for the trip.
Without SSS, I do not think it would have possible to attend this trip. Going abroad was
important because I was given the opportunity to go another country and experience life outside
of the United States. During this trip, I visited historical landmarks, spoke with professors,
visited schools and community centers, and interacted with locals to fully understand what life is
like in the Dominican Republic. There is a difference between hearing about what goes on in
other countries and actually seeing it with your own eyes. Coming back to the United States, it
has encouraged me to get more involved with my community and has changed the way I
perceive things. I strongly recommend students to study abroad at least once during their college
career. Students learn so much and have a different outlook on the world once they study abroad.