Open Advising Walk-In Hours! Student Support Services  provide in-person, individual advising for students who are first in their family to attend college here at Rutgers – New Brunswick. Advisors will be available for walk-in advising throughout the spring semester on the Livingston Campus. Walk-in advising is available for questions on a variety of topics, including but not limited to: Financial Aid and FAFSA Course Scheduling Graduation & Exit Planning Financial Preparation Academic Support Personal Development Dates... Continued
Abuchi Oguonu
My name is Abuchi Oguonu and I am in my senior year at Rutgers University as an Information Technology major and I have recently been accepted into a 4+1 Dual Degree Masters Program in my major. I wanted to share a bit of my journey towards getting accepted to inform, and maybe help, anyone in the same situation. When first coming to Rutgers I had initially intended to pursue a computer science major, but because of certain classes that I was not able to pass, I reluctantly gave up on the pursuit of a computer science major. After making that decision, I was pretty scared because I never thought that I would be in a situation where I was not sure what I wanted to do in terms of my major.... Continued
Suraiea Hussain
My name is Suraiea Hussain, a rising senior and double major in Human Resource Management and Communications. For Spring Break ’17, I had the honor of participating in an alternative spring break class in the Dominican Republic through the Center for Latino Arts and Culture. This was my first time in a country that was much different from my culture, and I was absolutely amazed. This experience was very valuable to me because I did not just spend my entire week on a resort like everyone else on spring break would do, but I actually got the opportunity to live and be immersed in different communities and cities within Dominican Republic. I witnessed social change in the way that the people... Continued
Rachelle Woodson
During this school year’s spring break, I had the opportunity to go abroad to the Dominican Republic, where I spent 9 days learning about the history and experiencing the culture of the island. I got accepted into the Alternative Spring Break delegation a month before the actual trip, so I had limited time to get enough funding. It was impossible for my family to fully fund the trip, so I seeked assistance from programs that I was involved in on campus. Luckily, Student Support Services was generous enough to cover all the expenses for the trip. Without SSS, I do not think it would have possible to attend this trip. Going abroad was important because I was given the opportunity to go... Continued
Lizcary Amarante
My experience in the Dominican Republic over Spring Break was one that I did not expect. I’m from the Dominican Republic, so growing up I spent basically every summer there. But over spring break, this experience was something I could never compare any of my summers to. Not only was I able to visit cities that I had never been to but I was able to make a difference. The areas I was exposed to really humbled me. Living with all this privilege makes you forget that there are people who have it much worse. There is only so much help you can offer in 9 days but this is an experience I will always carry with me, Not only because of the services I was able to provide but the friendships that I... Continued