Internship At Goaloop, Meet Desai

Meet Desai, SSS Scholar & Tutor

I am a junior, in the School of Arts and Sciences, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I have a passion to learn about the practical applications of Computer Science and use my knowledge and experience to contribute the community. I am a tutor for Introduction to Computer Science (CS-111), Introduction to Computers and Applications (CS-110), and Calculus I (Math-135) at Student Support Services (SSS). I have also held the position of Database Management Intern at SSS during summer 2015. With the supervision and help of Mr. Moses Kim, I learned how to create web forms, and manage the database using the appropriate functions. It was a great learning experience which helped me to gain knowledge and experience about the creation of web forms, managing the data retrieved from the web form, and improving the performance and use of the website using the database. During the winter break of 2015, I applied at various companies for a technology sector internship. Due to my experience and recommendation of Mr. Moses Kim, I successfully landed an internship at Goaloop as a software developer. I am learning a great deal about testing the web application, creation of interactive web forms, debugging, and enhancing the performance of the website. Goaloop is a website that connects individuals and organizations through the medium of goals. It is a very helpful website because all that is needed is to list your goals and the entire community comes together to help you achieve that goal. Using my experience and knowledge gained from the internship at SSS, it gave me an ability to build upon and sharpen my skills. I am grateful to Mr. Moses Kim and SSS for providing me the opportunity to gain crucial experience and I look forward to develop my skills to contribute more to the community.