Future Medical Student, Victor Mensah

Victor Mensah

I am a Biology major and a Public Health minor in the School of Arts and Sciences. As a first generation student, I came to college with two goals in mind; to graduate in four years and to get accepted to medical school. In December I succeeded at the ladder when I was accepted to Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Furthermore I am on track to graduate in May and complete my goal of graduating in four years.

The question I get most often from people is “why do you want to become a doctor.” I always liked working with people especially the less fortunate. Granted those attributes could have led me down a slew of different paths I decided I wanted to be a doctor for one specific reason. Several years ago I tried to make an appointment to see a doctor and was told there were no available appointments for at least 3 months. The more I study public health, the more I learned about the institutional health disparities that affected people in urban communities. There was a shortage of Primary Care doctors in urban communities all across the country especially in the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey where I have lived for most of my life. I took it upon myself to become a primary care doctor in New Brunswick because that was what my community needed and I could not think of a higher honor than to serve in that role.