Academic Coaching

Individual Sessions

SSS provides students with one-on-one career and academic coaching. To meet with an SSS Staff member to receive one or more of these services, please call one of our academic coaches at (848) 445-4018.

  • Career Coaching Assessment: Through a structured process of assessment and discussion, Career Coaching will help you clarify your career direction through deciphering your values, interests, motivators, knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience. Through Career Coaching, you can also receive assistance in preparing a custom resume and cover letter, developing and initiating a job search plan, and preparing for job interviews. If you are interested in attending graduate or professional school, you can also receive assistance in researching programs and writing an effective personal statement.
  • Academic Coaching Assessment: Through a structured process of assessment and discussion, Academic Coaching can help you in reaching your academic goals. You can receive Academic Coaching in order to learn your unique learning style, develop study strategies that compliment your learning style and the subject matter, develop reading and note-taking skills that help you acquire and retain the most important information, and develop a plan towards effective time management and organization.

Group Modules

Through academic coaching modules, students will have the opportunity to sign up for 4-week modules on different areas of academic development, such as: time management, reading strategies, money management, career readiness or test preparation skills. Weekly activities and assessments will help prepare the students to become self-directed learners and measure their progress, respectively. Students will still have the option to sign-up for additional individual sessions, if they choose.