Tutoring is provided by our highly trained and experienced Tutoring Staff. Student Support Services' tutors are not only very knowledgeable in their specific academic areas but also highly proficient in the communication skills necessary for truly valuable assistance. Tutoring is conducted during scheduled, one-on-one, weekly sessions. Tutoring is available Monday through Sunday on the Douglass, Livingston, Busch and College Avenue campuses.

How to sign-up:

Once you attend one of our information sessions at the beginning of the semester, you will be able to sign up for tutoring. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in at our website
  2. Click the top link "Tutoring Request Form"
  3. Select the campus and course
  4. The red "A" means it's available - if you don't see something check a different campus
  5. Click the "A", then the picture of the tutor
  6. Check your personal information
  7. Click submit then wait for a confirmation email.

Please contact the Tutoring Coordinator (email: ssstutor@echo.rutgers.edu)  if you have any questions or have trouble logging in or finding a tutoring session that fits into your schedule.

If you are competing for the Grant Aid Program, each tutoring session will earn you additional 1 points towards the competition.

How to Cancel a Session:

Once you sign up for a tutoring session, you are expected to be there every week. However, if for whatever reason you are unable to attend a session, you must cancel with a minimum 12-hour notice. As all of our tutors are also undergraduate students, this will provide them with enough notice to adjust their already busy schedule. You may cancel a tutoring session by clicking on “Cancel My Upcoming Tutoring Session” after you log in to your SSS account.

Sign-up for tutoring